European Trip to Holland


This trip will be from 20th to the 21st of June 2020, costs to be confirmed but are estimated to be £195 each plus dinner. Includes aircraft hire, fuel, landing fees and hotel room. A deposit of £50 is required to reserve you’re slot on the trip, no deposit no reservation. Flight time is approximately … Continued

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Spot Landing Competition and BBQ


Skyward Flight Training are holding a spot landing competition and BBQ This will take place on 2nd May 2020 (backup 30th May) All that’s required is a current licence and medical. Students can participate if they are accompanied by an instructor. We will be using the two club Cessna 152s, and participants will fly two … Continued

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Conversion successful


Ian Johnson who spends most of his time in Australia popped over to convert his LAPL to EASA PPL. Was successful just before Christmas. He is a jovial character and very tall too ! We wish him safe flying on his return to OZ

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