Skyward Flight Training Spot Landing Competition


Skyward Flight Training are holding a spot landing competition – open to all! This exciting event will take place mid-September, date to be confirmed. All that’s required is a current licence and medical. Students can participate if they are accompanied by an instructor. We will be using the two club Cessna 152s, and participants will … Continued

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Two MB’s in Tango Charlie to Sweden 2018


Day One 06 June 18 Emsett to Calais/Dunkerque 1-25 Calais/Dunkerque to Texel 2-50 Day Two 07 June 18 Texel to Wilhelmshaven 2-15 Wilhelmshaven to Falster Lolland 2-05 Falster Lolland to Vaxjo 2-15 Vaxjo to Trosa 1-55 Day Three 08 June 18 Trosa to Hatunaholm 40 Hatunaholm to Endkoping 20 Endkoping to Vasteras ( Johannesburg) 25 … Continued

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