Update from the CFI/CEO Christopher Shepherd-Rose

When Pat, Jeff and I started Skyward Flight Training almost 10 years ago we could have never imagined the problems we all would be experiencing before lockdown Skyward was going from strength to strength with new members and many Americans joining our ranks it was decided with best business interests to furlough some staff and myself however over the last month I managed to secure a Business Government Grant which has helped to put Skyward on firm footing for the future  in the meantime Kevin has worked hard to introduce his new computer program to bring recording tech log fuel management bookings member accounts all online with Kevin’s own business commitments and a young family he has been dealing with online bookings from members and he has done remarkably well with the many legal and health issues we have to address with the opening of Skyward, which is being done in stages. Stage one (July) PPL hire, Stage two (August) students who were close to gaining their licence, stage three ( mid to late August students and trial lessons ) subject to no further Deterioration of the Emergency  I believe things won’t really return to normal until next year in the meantime I would like to thank you all for your patience and thanks to the NHS for at least giving us a chance to carry on take care.
Chris Shepherd Rose