COVID-19 – Winter lockdown

Hi Everyone,


With the official broadcast of lockdown now past and having taken the time to review the new lockdown it looks like we will have to close again.


Chris and I believe for the safety of staff, instructors and students, and having reviewed to the latest figures, as a flying school there is some grey as to if we would qualify to remain open and though we would love to continue as we are, we feel this approach is not the right course of action.


It would seem that the age groups most at risk are 45-65 and 65+. many of staff and instructors fall within these age groups and also many of our students. When you then consider the winter weather and short daylight hours, we do not feel that it is worth the risk to continue with what in the last lockdown, was deemed recreational training by the CAA, DfT, and Government. This covered PPL training and Trial Lessons and any unnecessary hire or GA flying.


We are therefore making the decision to cease these activities during the latest lockdown period 5th November until December 2nd,unless we get clear guidance otherwise.


I know this may be difficult for those students who are close to finishing and we will prioritise students near completion when we return.



The airfield will be closed. This mean that the gate will be closed and the clubhouse, office and fuelling facilities etc will be unavailable. Skyward is appointed by Rougham Estates as the organisation responsible for the safety management of the airfield under CAA aerodrome regulations as we will not be open to maintain the safety and perform our audit duties the airfield will be closed to all aircraft.



We will be freezing the voucher expiry once again If you have a voucher that was still valid during the previous lockdown and hasn’t expired during the days we were open after lock down (see previous article on voucher bookings). Our phones are currently not monitored. Please keep an eye on a news update on the website for information about when we will be open for voucher bookings and how to book them.


We have been monitoring our neighbouring airfields and it would seem Earls Colne, Stapleford, and Andrewsfield are all thinking along the same lines and closing for the month lockdown.


We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.


Keep safe and thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times.


Kevin and Chris


Kevin Morrissey

Operations Director

Skyward Flight Training