COVID-19: We’re open for PPR and Check rides

Dear Members,


As from tomorrow (Saturday 11th July) we will be open for pre-booked check rides and accepting PPR from other airfields. The club house will remain closed, however, work is underway to change the layout making it easier to clean, this is in preparation to restart dual flying as soon as possible. We will still only be using one aircraft.

Reiterating my previous messages, you MUST book in advance. You can use the new online web app to see aircraft availability but currently booking is restricted to staff. Please email or WhatsApp me to make your booking.


You must meet the following criteria to book;


  • You’ve registered yourself on the online app – to request access please email me.
  • You’ve uploaded your Flight Crew Licence and medical along with any extension certificate if you are using the CAA extension to the online app.


We will not be accepting cash, cheque, or cards at this time. You will be invoiced after your flight to the email registered in the online app. You will be required to make payment within 24 hours of receiving the invoice.


The instructor will have cleaned the aircraft before your flight and will do again after your flight ready for the next pilot. On arrival you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire and your temperature will be checked using a contactless thermometer (you must be under 37.8 degrees). Our instructors will be asked to complete the health questionnaire at the beginning of each day they are training. This is to keep our members and instructors safe it will also serve as a log which we have been asked to keep for Public Health England (PHE). You should be aware we will share this information for PHE if they request it in line with GDPR requirements specifically the preventing of spread of infectious diseases.


  • When in the aircraft both pilot and instructor MUST wear a mask or face covering and latex style gloves.


Our tech logs are now digital. You must complete the tech log before you leave. You will need to do this on your own device so please make sure you have a tablet or phone. We are still developing the software so it can be a little tricky to do on a small phone screen. An iPad mini sized screen works best if you have one.


Lastly please be patient when trying to book or setup online access. I’m the only person working for Skyward at the moment from a director/administrator standpoint and I’m doing so along side running my main business/job. It may take me a moment to respond to your emails, setup your online access, and book you in. If you’re an advance payer don’t be alarmed when you get online access and it shows you’re account balance as zero. I have to migrate all your current account from paper to digital and this does consume a lot of time. If you need something short and quick send me a WhatsApp.


If you’re not on the Skyward WhatsApp group and would like to be please send me a message an I’ll add you. I keep everyone informed on there as things happen.


Kevin Morrissey

Operations Director

Skyward Flight Training