COVID-19: Update on our plans to re-open for PPL training

Dear members,


We are aware that from July 4th 2020 we will be allowed to commence training again. However, we only received information on what health and safety requirements we must following on 30th June. There are clear health and legal implications that we need to comply with. We are in the process of implementing these requirements but will not be ready by July 4th. Some of these requirements include, a written risk assessment, limiting numbers of customers on site at one time, hand washing facilities, keeping a log of visitors for PHE, health declaration and temperature checks upon arrival, and COVID-19 signage.


Our intention is to restart dual flying with a single instructor each day, no more than two students per day (morning and afternoon sessions, not overlapping). We will still only have one aircraft running initially and initially only for check out flights for qualified PPL / LAPL licence holders. We will be reviewing the requirements weekly. You will be required to complete a health questionnaire online before you attend site (for every visit), you will have your temperature checked on arrival, and you will only be allowed onsite if your have a booked session via the online booking system. We will only be accepting payment by BACS.


We will provide you with an update on the website by July 10th hopefully with the date we will be open.


Please can I remind you all not to visit the airfield unless you have a booked appointment / hire. One of our legal requirements is to limit the amount of customers on site at any one time.


We hope to have you all flying again soon, just hold tight a little longer.


Kevin Morrissey

Operations Director

Skyward Flight Training