COVID-19: We’re now open for Licenced PPL members

Dear Members, From tomorrow (Friday 29th May 2020) we will be open again for licenced PPL members.


We will not be opening the club house and will be padding bookings with blocked time to allow ample time for cleaning of aircraft between members.


The site will not have any staff and fuelling will be self service. If you haven’t already seen the COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy or the Fuel Handling Policy please email [email protected]  request a copy. Bookings our to be made to the same email, we’re not accepting any telephone bookings at this time.


You will need to meet a new minimum currency to fly without check-out. Full details are available by emailing.


If you’re a private own please email me before you go to the site as we’re required to keep a record of who is on site and any aircraft movements. A simple email of your expected times on site will suffice.


If you’re not on our member WhatsApp group we advise members to request they are added. It’s a much quicker way for us to reach all of you in one go and to stay distant but still social.


Thanks for your patience




Operations Director