COVID-19 – Partial Re-opening (Update)

Dear Members,

We promised you an update on our opening plans by Sunday evening. We were hoping to partially reopen tomorrow (Monday 25th May), unfortunately despite our best efforts were just not quite there. We’re gonna need another day possibly two but we’re very, very close to completing the online booking and tech log system, and on our way to completing our health and safety risk assessments. It’s been a long week and I’ll keep working through the evening with my software developers and hopefully be able to give you a better update tomorrow.


I can confirm that to book you will need to register yourselves at the website (link will follow). This will send a message to me to confirm your membership status, you will then be able to access the members area and will need to upload scanned copies of your medical, flight crew licence, and the pages from the last 12 months of your pilot log book (make sure those page totals and carried forward hours are correct).  Photos carefully taken on your phone should do – I can recommend an app call Office Lens for taking pics of documents. Once your documents are in place I have a bit of work to do my end to validate your records and then you’ll be able to book.


I mentioned before that the padlock on the fuel bowser will be changed to a digital lock. You will be able to obtain a code which is unique to you from the members area. The pin code only works during daylight hours. When you “take” fuel you will no longer need to complete the paper log in the bowser. You’ll need to log the entry via the app which you can do from your mobile or tablet or note down the start and end readings and complete after your flight.


We are no longer able to provide you with headsets for health and safety reasons. This is unlikely to change for students or PPL. If you need a headset we can order in new headset for you.


Appreciate everyone’s patience. Next update will be Monday 25th (evening) or earlier if we have an update.




Operations Director