Coronavirus Update

Dear Club Member,


As you all know we’ve have bee closed under government advice since late March due to the current pandemic COVID-19. Recently the government slightly changed the lockdown criteria to allow the public to move more freely in England (Wales and Scotland excluded) and this now includes leisure activities. On May 15th 2020 the CAA confirmed that GA is once again allowed but not without restriction. You must fly alone or with someone from your household and you must observe safe social distancing being the highlights.


We are now in the process of making adaptions so we can partially open again. As a company we have to comply not only with the CAA but also with Public Health England (PHE) and Health and Safety Regulations. As such we are changing our policies to ensure our site is “COVID safe”. Full details will be published in an updated Flying Orders policy and made available to you via email. If you have not already provided us with an email address to contact you please email [email protected] and ask to be on the mailing list. We only have emails currently from the online membership forms.


We are aiming to partially re-open on Monday 25th May 2020. We know many of you are itching to fly and we want nothing more to be operational again but we will only be able to open once we have everything in place. The list below gives you some idea of the changes we are implementing;


  • PPL hire only – Current guidance prevents dual flying and as such we are unable to continue training or check-outs.
  • New minimum currency allowance to hire without checkout.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided and must be used before pre-flight and after finishing with the aircraft.
  • Cleaning equipment will be provided to sanitise commonly touch parts of the aircraft, all members will be expected to clean before and after flight, no matter your view, this is mandatory and we will be monitoring on CCTV.
  • Digital Tech and fuel logs – We cannot share paper documents.
  • Pre-booking only – most likely this will be via online app which we hope to release by the end of the week. Restrictions will be in place to prevent a single pilot “holding” all the slots.
  • No back to back bookings.
  • No flying over water.
  • No flying outside of airspace in ENGLAND.
  • No overnight flights
  • No social gatherings on the airfield – remember you are supposed to enjoy your leisure activity solo and then travel home again.
  • BACS payments only – The office will remain closed and we therefore have no card payments facilities, we are looking into switching our payment processors so we can email invoices that include card payment methods.
  • All Skyward employees will remain furloughed and therefore cannot work. Kevin Morrissey will remain an active Director and handle all invoicing and payments remotely.


We suspended the membership that was due in April whilst Skyward was closed. For PPL’s membership will now be due before you can book any flights. This years membership is £170 for renewal and £190 for new members. We have discounted this years renewal membership by two months to run June to March (£141.67). If you are a member that normally takes advantage of advance payments then you will need to top-up your account if you don’t already have a balance to use. You should be able to review your balance online very soon. When paying your membership please use your surname and first initial as the reference and email [email protected] so we can match your payment to your account.




Kevin and Chris

Skyward Flight Training